A Beginning

26 Jul

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog.
As long as I have been on the internet, I am surprised with myself that this is my first blog. One would think for the many years I’ve been around here that I’d have put up a blog, but I always felt my opinions and thoughts were not for this place, yet I’ve found enough nuts around here that are allowed to post their thoughts that I felt I deserved a turn.
The topics of this blog could contain anything, but are likely to be focused on things Christians or aspiring Christians might want to know, or should know. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ or the Bible, the amount of interesting information you find here will be limited.
My views are my own, I will always be willing to learn and admit I was wrong when I learn better. Many of my associates and peers may disagree with my views. You may disagree with my views. That is fine with me. My purpose here is not to persuade you to think like me, far from it. I post things that make me think, and that’s what I hope you do when you read my blog, you will think, question, and study.
And lastly, never take anything I say at face value, especially things concerning the Scriptures. Look it up and study it for yourself, please. Always decide things for yourself.

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