The Test

01 Aug

Bible StudyThere was a time when most of my beliefs were based on little more than what I had learned in church or from my parents. Then the day came when everything I believed was challenged and I had to put my beliefs to the test of the Scriptures. Some false beliefs perished in the test, and those that survived were proven by it. I can stand confidently now on what I believe, knowing it has passed the test. This has given me peace I could have scarcely imagined before on many issues of theology and Christianity that still plague others, because they will not stop listening to men and start studying the Word.

My goal here is not to persuade you to agree with me, but you show you a new angle on issues you had previously decided on. My goal is to get you to examine things from a new perspective, to question things you had previously accepted without question. In essence, I want you to put your beliefs to the test, just as I have, and continue to do. (Oh yes, my quest for Truth is far from over.)
I implore each of you to study the Scriptures I will show you, to see if they read what I say they do. I implore you to reach out and read more than only what I will show you, to see if the rest of the Word supports what I say.
Then if you believe in your spirit that your beliefs survive the test to your satisfaction, then I am not trying to change them. I only ask you consider what I say, study, and then decide for yourself.

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