We the People

23 Jan

Many people in America, including Christians, are currently under a false impression that the election of the president alone can usher in great change, whether for good or for ill.

This is especially true among my brothers on the issues of abortion and same-sex marriages. Many of my brothers vote for whichever candidate claims to oppose these things, believing he will accomplish what he preaches if he is elected.

I agree that the issues of abortion and marriage are extremely important.

The murder of thousands of children each year makes us all together no different than the civilizations that practiced human sacrifice. Instead of sacrificing our children to false gods for blessings, we are sacrificing them to ourselves in return for convenience and control.

Marriage might not seem so important until you realize that it’s one of the first institutions God established in Eden. It’s the building block of all civilization, even the ancient pagans realized this. Once you corrupt the foundation of civilization, all the rest will fall in turn.

Where I differ with my brothers is how to handle this problem. Many today believe that this president or that president can change such issues. They can’t. Most Americans today have a mentality, despite having lived here all their lives, that this nation is ruled by one man. We are not in a monarchy. If we were, all you’d have to do to change things would be to convince the king. He would make a declaration outlawing abortion and securing marriage and that would be it. But that’s not our country. No matter how much I plead with my congressman, he won’t do anything unless the voting majority wants it.

This is because this nation is ruled by US. It’s “We, the People” that run America. Now whether that was a good idea or not is irrelevant to this discussion, the relevant part is that it’s true.

In order to secure biblical marriage and undo abortion, the Church must convince the majority of Americans that it is wrong, sinful, and ultimately destructive to this nation as a whole. Even if a politician believes its wrong, he won’t dare lift a finger against it. Why? For one it will cost him his job, because the majority will vote him out of office. Secondly, his motion would never pass because all of his colleagues are worried about their own jobs.

I believe that the issues of abortion and marriage are important and that the Church in America can and should stand up for these things, but I do not believe electing McCain or anyone else would have fixed things. The people rule America, and so we must convince the majority. Once the majority is convinced, then the government will listen and take action, but not until then. You can be sure of this.

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