Busy Bees

22 Apr

Satan is ever on the move to destroy us. His devices and schemes are many and varied, for he knows that not every trick works every time.

“If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” – Johnny Hunt

In America, we are bombarded with the Media. The Media tells us how to live, what to wear, what to eat, what to watch, etc. Many women spend thousands on makeup, jewelry, designer clothes, cosmetic surgery, and eating disorders which destroy the body. Many men are drawn into alcohol, pornography, and worse.

Some say that Americans fall into the traps of the Media because we are sheeple who can not think for ourselves. This is not true. America is filled with as many intellectuals and brilliant minds as any other nation on earth.

The problem is that Americans are too busy to think. At some point people became so busy that they willingly or subconsciously handed the other decisions of their lives over to the Media. People fill their lives with so much activity that they only have a few seconds to consult the latest commercial to see what society says they ought to be eating, wearing, and looking like.

It’s a wonder we don’t rebel against this monster that is the Media. A monster that tells us to eat at McDonald’s but also tells us we must be thin and pretty to be worth anything. Such contradictory statements should cause us to rise up with fury against this monster, but we are simply too busy to figure that out, or do anything even if we do figure it out.

In America today, children are forced to learn how to live from this monster called Media and from other unhealthy sources. People want to blame the pregnant teenager, but she is just a child. She was only looking for love because no one seemed to love her, and she gave her body away because no one ever told her what true love really is. People want to blame the guy, but he too is a child. He did what was in his nature and obeyed his urges because no one taught him there was a higher obedience. He engaged in premarital sex because he was not taught what God created it for.

American parents do not fail to raise their children properly because they do not love them. They fail because they are too busy to raise them. Instead, they offer up their children to the Media and the School System to raise them, both of which are corrupt institutions. Parents complain when Schools begin teaching things they don’t agree with or demand better television programs because they rely on those things to teach their children while they are busy out doing everything important to them.

More Americans die in their sins every day. They die without Christ not because they are particularly more evil than other humans or because they are more stubborn, but because they are too busy. Eternity is simply too large a concept to fathom in the split-second society we have developed. When people send a text message because a phone call takes too long, they cannot be expected to be concerned about their eternal destiny or God’s love. Such things can certainly be handled later, when there is more time. And there is always more time…until it runs out.

As Christians, we must be holy for He is holy. Holiness is not about perfection, but separation. We are to not to conform to this World. We need to slow down. It can be done, and God can show you those things in your life that could be cut to make the time for the things that are truly important. We should take the time to seek God’s counsel in the Word to know how to live. We should raise our children, not the Media and not the Schools. And we should be the interruption in the lives of the Lost to give them a moment to breathe and think about their eternal destiny.

You have only today.

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