One Salvation

13 Jul

Many many years ago, a simple farmer was given some ferry money so that his wife and daughter could go to a nearby church across the river. None of them were saved, but the wife wanted to take the daughter to church, no doubt to teach her good morals.

Now it so happened this week was Gospel Meeting week (read: Revival week if Baptist). The young girl attended each meeting, and was herself saved. After the meetings, a fellow brother asked the preacher how it went. “Not well” he replied, “we had just one salvation, a little girl.”

That young girl grew up in faith and started a family. She gave birth to four sons and many daughters. All four sons became Gospel preachers.

Now one of the daughters grew up and started her own family. She had sons and daughters.

One of those sons grew in faith and became a strong leader in his congregation. He started his own family and had a son and a daughter.

His son grew in faith, became a leader at his congregation and started his own family. He had one son. That son is me.

Now God has called me into the ministry as well, and may Heaven forbid if I ever say “We had just one salvation.”

That Gospel Meeting was the best my family has ever known, for it saved us all.

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