Modern Idolatry

18 Aug

In ancient times, people bowed down to graven images, praised them and prayed to them. God told them to stop worshiping those no-gods and worship Him instead.

Today, He still calls us away from our idols. The idols may have changed form (today they are money, entertainment, illicit sex and so forth) but they are still idolotry.

The worship of idols has also changed. When I make something an idol, I don’t bow down and sing praises to it. Instead, I spend time with it, I think about it, and I look forward to enjoying it. It is first on my heart, first in my thoughts, and is what consumes my day to day meditations.

God doesn’t want just any kind of worship from us, he wants the worship we give to our idols. If I bow to God and sing his praises but spend all my time and thought on an idol like a video game, then the worship I am giving God is a sham and my real worship is going to worthless no-gods. Worthless no-gods that did not die for me, are not real, and will perish with time.

God doesn’t want your money, he doesn’t want a song, and he doesn’t want Sunday, he wants you, all of you.

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