Easter 1951

02 Sep

I want to share this quote from America’s recent past:

“America without God is a body without breath; and a body without breath is a corpse. A selfish, rotten spirit has siezed too many of our people. America is called upon by God to fullfill a high destiny. A corrupt and Godless America cannot fullfil it. A Christ-redeemed, God-inspired America can. God grant that Christ’s Ressurection may so touch and change us this day that we live the rest of our lives in the unforgettable light of the miracle God performed in raising Jesus Christ from the dead.”

Dr. Samuel M. Shoemaker, rector of Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, Easter 1951.(Source:New York Times)

I share this with you for two reasons. One, because I agree with Dr. Shoemaker, and two, because it is important to understand that Dr. Shoemaker recognized this cancer within America during the age which many today see as a golden and “Christian” one. Clearly the America of the 1950s was dealing with the same godlessness we face today.

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