The Fall of Jericho

19 Nov

Fall_ofJericho_4194Joshua 6:1-21

Steps of obedience are like the tumblers of a lock. Each one must connect to open the door. The city of Jericho would never have fallen if they had failed to march around the city one of the six days or if they had shouted at the wrong time, or if they had failed to shout when the time came. They had to follow God’s instructions exactly in order to receive His help in the battle.

Likewise, when God instructs us, we should follow the plan exactly. If we falter or deviate from the instructions, we should not be surprised if the walls do not come tumbling down. So often our failures and frustrations come from half-hearted, partial obedience to God, which falls short of His glory and therefore fails to bring about the wonderful results He intended for us.

Beloved, do not give up. March on. Keep silent until the right moment, God’s moment. Then shout for all you’re worth. Then you will see the glory of God revealed, then you will see your enemies melt in fear, then the walls around your life will crumble, and you will be free. Stay the course, do not give up.

Never, ever, give up.

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