14 May

Teri portrait uc 1977Teresa Yvonne Shocklee Cohoon

That’s my mom. She’s done a lot in her life so far. A straight-A student always, graduating with honors wherever she went. What she attempted, she excelled at. She is brilliant in mathematics, chemistry, and medicine. She abandoned her career to serve as a full-time mother and housewife for her only child and husband. Later, she returned to school and became a nurse. A really, really good nurse.

She’s had a rough life though. Her early years were not at all kind to her. She saw her family torn apart by divorce and endured all the horrors that the fallout created. Through it all she tried her best to watch over her younger siblings and shield them from the worst of offenses that were all around her. When she married my father they moved to his hometown, a community mistrusting of any outsiders that never accepted her. She was friendless for many years but hardly let it show to me.

Of course, the best thing about her is that she is a daughter of King Jesus, a Repenter like me.

Though she sent me to public school, she insisted on teaching me subjects while away from school at home. It was under her tutelage that I gained my love for learning, literature, history and science. She taught me how to perform basic multiplication far in advance of when I was taught it in public school. She helped me to tackle long division when I struggled with it. She read to me constantly and supplied me with a constant stream of books.

She taught me a lot about mercy and compassion, because those qualities really define her. She also taught me through her work as a nurse that nurses have one of the hardest, most important and most under appreciated jobs on earth. Nurses are awesome, and if you are a nurse, then may God bless you.

Mom also taught me healthy skepticism. Thanks to her I have an intellectual shield against foolish notions, bandwagons and popular tripe. She taught me to question everything and to doubt not for doubt’s sake (that is dangerous) but in order to find the truth. She also taught me that when you use skepticism to pursue truth, you should be open to whatever truth you find, even if that truth is dangerous, uncomfortable, or not what you expected. This has been possibly her greatest lesson to me. You’d think it was a hindrance to my faith in Christ, but it’s the contrary. Christ is the Truth, so when I sought the truth of the matter I found Him. And even though the Truth of Christ is almost unbelievable, is uncomfortable, and very dangerous, I accepted that Truth. Since then, my healthy skepticism has also kept me from falling into any tradition of men but to keep to the truth of the Word. Thanks mom.

My mom was very loving and kind to me. She never rejected or despised me and I never doubted her love for a moment (though my affections for her came and went like the devil I am). Her discipline was very light but also very consistent. I knew what to expect from her at all times and though punishments were never severe they were consistent and often were enough to keep me in line (eventually). She was ready to die for me at any moment, a shield against the darkness, someone who stood in the gap for my sake. She gave up hopes and dreams of her own so that I would have a mother. I will never forget that.

I love you mom. Happy mother’s day.

(Note: This was originally published May 14, 2014.ย My sweet mama passed away January 8th 2016. I thank God that she had a chance to read this before she passed into eternity.)



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