I am Doulos

22 Dec

Slave-of-Christ-Doulos-GreekI am His slave.

There is no greater freedom than to be a slave of Yahweh.

I do not have to despair of my life, for my life belongs to Him. It is not mine to take up and it is not mine to lay down.

He purchased me with a price. The price was the blood of His Son Jesus the Messiah.

By His blood I am bought and I am no longer my own.

My decisions are His, my career is His, my house is His, my wife is His, my children are His.

He kills, He makes alive. I live and die at His command.

He gives, He takes away. Blessed is He.

Who is Yahweh? He is my Master!

Those who wish to be their own master have not tasted His goodness. They do not know the freedom His bondage brings.

For bondage to the Righteous One is freedom from unrighteousness, freedom from evil and despair.

Because all happens in accordance to the pattern of His will, it is therefore impossible for misfortune to befall me.

For all things work together for good to who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

When I am alone in the darkness, He is there. When I have no friends He is there.

If I find myself in the Abyss, yes He will still be there.

My life has its meaning in Him. He is my meaning, my life, my song in the night of this world.

The world and all its wonders were formed by His command, they will fall by His command.

What greater Master can a man serve? Show me!

His bondage is my freedom, His discipline is my redemption, His word is my life’s food.

No happiness exists apart from Him, no peace is made without His counsel.

Those who run from Him will only find death. Those who find shelter in His chains will find life.

Would you begrudge chains that bring eternal life? A prison full of joy? This is what Yahweh provides.

A day to serve Him as a slave is worth a thousand without Him.

I cannot live without His provision. I cannot die without His leave. My living and my dying are His to ordain.

Such freedom from life’s burdens and death’s sting are only found in Yahweh. Seek Him while He can be found!

I am His slave. He is my master.

I am His. He is mine.

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