My Friend in the Dungeon

22 Dec

dungeonIn days of plenty He has upheld and sustained me.

In hours of fortune He is there to prosper me.

I praise Him for the good days, the rays of sunshine on my face.

But it is not these days for which my praise knows no end.

There are days of darkness, times of deep shadow that stretch into night unending.

My time in the dungeon. The dungeon of my mind.

No escape from myself. No relief from the pain.

Tormented from within, fears without. I am rotting inside.

Then I cry to Him, “Abba, Father!”

And He comes to me in my dungeon, where no friend can visit and no loved one can bring succor.

He stays and comforts me in my time in the dark. He watches over me and cares for me.

He catches my tears. He cares deeply for my sorrows.

When the time is right, He speaks a word and the doors swing open. He leads me outside into the sunshine.

I breathe the free air, and I remember my Savior. His name is Yahweh. His name is Jesus. He is my King.

He is my Friend.

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