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The Kindness of Joseph of Arimathea

“And a man named Joseph, who was a member of the Sanhedrin (but did not consent to the death of Jesus) who was from Arimathea and was waiting for the kingdom of God; this man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. He took it down from the cross and wrapped it in a linen cloth and laid Him in a tomb cut into the rock where no one had ever lain.”
Luke 23

We tend to think of the Jewish Elite of Jesus day as all villains, but Joseph was an exception. The key phrase is “he was waiting for the kingdom of God.” Everyone else sought the kingdom of man, not of God, as they claimed. Joseph waited for the city not made by human hands. He took down the body of Jesus, carefully wrapped it, and placed it into his own tomb where no one had laid. Despite the fact Jesus would soon rise and have no use for either, I doubt our Lord would forget this measure of kindness from Joseph, the one who waited for Him.

Today as I reflect on the death of my mama, I want to thank the folks atย Sanderson Funeral Homes for taking such good care of my mama’s body. For taking good care of it and laying it in a tomb no one has lain in. For although I know she has no further need of it, I will not forget the care and kindness they have taken with the one so dear to me. I also hope that they all, like our friend Joseph, are waiting for the One who is the Resurrection and the Life and long for His appearing.

I believe in Resurrection.

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No Place Like Home

“I wanna go home!” I can remember as a kid, these words always meant the start of a difficult conversation to my parents. It’s not like I never wanted to go anywhere, but when I had enough of where we went I was ready to go back home. Home was familiar, it was cozy, it was safe, it was where my toys and games were. It was where I wanted to be.

My parents always tried to make me understand. “We can’t go home yet. We have things to do here. When we are finished doing what we need to do we will go home. I promise.” Sometimes they said “You never know, if you would stop complaining and look around you might actually find something you enjoy here.” Sometimes, if I did as I was told I would find something I liked, and my parents never broke their promise; when they finished what they needed to do, they always took me home again.

Sometimes life on this ball of dirt can get quite distressing, especially to believers because we know of a much better place that is our real home. We who are called by Christ are strangers in a foreign land, and we all want to go home. Home is where our Father is, where our Savior is, where our treasures are, and where we will be safe.

Sometimes I cry out to the Lord “I want to go home!”. I can almost hear Him say “Child you cannot come home yet. We still have work to do. When the work is finished I promise I will take you home. You never know, if you would stop complaining and look around you might find something to enjoy while you are here.”

John 9:4, John 14:1-4

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